Campesino Rum Aged XIV

Campesino Rum Aged XIV

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Campesino Rum Aged XIV


Aged XIV is a proprietary blend of rum made up of 80% 8-year-old rum from Barbados and the Dominican Republic, and 20% 6-year-old rum from Panama. These rums are left to age in ex-bourbon barrels at their origin of distillation until the point of full maturity before they are carefully blended together to create the perfect flavor.

Tasting Notes:

Deep and rich, with a natural sweetness and notes of vanilla, oak, honey, caramel, and brown sugar.

Origins of Distillation:

Barbados (Foursquare Rum Distillery) Dominican Republic (Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos) Panama (Varela Rum Distillery)


6 - 8 Years



Alc By Vol


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